the best designers have a hand in the organization of the fitness space of our studios, with us you will forget about any other fitness
Unified fitness clubs near your home
Affordable, self-contained neighbourhood studios, within walking distance with special software and hourly rates
Environmentally friendly materials are used in the interior
1. Access system and time control from a smartphone
2. Alarm button with the ability to call for help
3. The studio maintains an optimal temperature of 20-23 degrees Celsius and humidity of 20-60 all year round%
4. Air conditioning and ventilation system
5. Security
6. Smart assistant. Welcomes, helps in the training process
Only you or you and your trainer at the studio
your results are displayed
on a special app
No subscriptions, no cards, no unnecessary services.You only pay when you train!
Easy interaction - pay as you do when you park your car. Specially designed software to help you interact with our fitness spaces.

innovative equipment
Only the latest and most advanced fitness equipment
Covid free
No human contact, after each workout the room is disinfected with special equipment
Health monitoring at
all stages of the
training process

Special heart rate equipment in our boxes